Interview with Creative Director Luci Caldwell

Luci Caldwell, the Creative Director of Dreamedia has worked in the creative industry for over a decade. Her experience spans across a multitude of creative disciplines having worked in advertising, signwriting, digital media and online teams, video production and creative agencies. She leads the creative team and assumes the responsibility of tight deadlines and the development and implementation of effective creative solutions for our clients.

Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out?

Nike – For all the obvious reasons such as the famous swoosh and the ‘just do it’ slogan, it is one of the most valuable brands in the world which is why they are the world’s largest supplier of shoes and apparel. The fact Nike has been so successful and the fact they are leaders in marketing innovations is admirable. 

Thank you – The brand ‘Thank you’ as it is an Aussie brand doing remarkable things, I was lucky enough to hear a talk at the Telstra Business Awards last year from their co-founder Daniel Flynn, the business was born of an idea to share in the bottled water industry in Australia that is worth over an estimated  $600 million a year, with the aim of 100% of their profits going towards combating poverty by funding safe water, food, hygiene and sanitation services around the world. A great business idea and the work they are doing is inspiring.

SPC Ardmona – I really loved the SPC Ardmona marketing campaign on their labels which I think started in 2015, it was launched as #MyFamilyCan in which they highlight generations of farmers by having a photograph and small blurb on the label about the family who is growing the food we are all eating. I grew up in Country Victoria and I think the orchardists and farmers are often very hardworking humble people and it has been nice to see their stories and support Australian growers.

What’s been the biggest creative challenge in your career to date?

Apart from some horrifically tight deadlines I think working with live vision the past few years has brought along a lot of challenges, due to technology, budgets, time restraints or a combination of all of those things. I think with technology constantly evolving this will forever be a challenge to keep up to date with new products and systems and ways in which we can improve.

Everyone needs time out. What creative work do you do in your own time?

I actually try and steer clear of computers, technology, camera’s etc after work due to the amount of time I do spend on these things throughout the day. I do on occasion help out with design projects and photoshoots for friends and family. I love seeing live music and checking out the local NT arts scene but aside from that I guess you could say my brain is always looking at everything in a creative way such as a sign design, a menu at a restaurant, a magazine advert – I am constantly consuming most things creatively even if subconsciously.

How do you develop the skills of your team members?

I try to nurture each individual’s passions whilst also developing and expanding their skill base within the industry. Ensuring they are supported, encouraged and challenged, providing them with the tools to do their jobs effectively. This allows them to deliver our client’s projects with drive and a commitment to exceed expectations. 

How do you keep the team motivated in the face of tight deadlines?

We rely on utilising our teams skills and expertise in the face of tight deadlines, a big one for our small team is as simple as creating a team environment which allows all of us to work together cohesively to ensure deadlines are achieved. I believe ensuring our team members feel valued, they are up skilled, their ideas validated and to give guidance day to day can really help a team connect with each other and work together when the pressure is on.

What tools, books, or ideas help you in your day-to-day work?

The internet is a great go to tool for our industry, Pantone colour books are a regular, I also reference blogs, websites, newsletters, conversations with peers, manuals, tutorials, launches, industry partners and suppliers.

How do you keep up with the latest creative tools and technologies?

Research and lots of it. Also as per above blogs, websites, newsletters, conversations with peers, launches, industry partners and suppliers.