Oka Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant that uses an iron griddle (the teppan) to cook food live in front of the customers, creating a fun, lively and exciting dining experience. They also offer a traditional Japanese a-la-carte menu as well as a lunch menu and take-away with all the traditional favorites such as sushi & sashimi, tempura, wafu steaks and bento boxes.


OKA Teppanyaki wanted to improve their social media presence and get the word out about their lunch and take-away options as well as their latest specials and offers.


We developed a fine-tuned social media strategy for the Japanese restaurant, by tailoring the campaigns to fit their target groups, improving roll-out times and advising them on advert budgeting best practises. To achieve the best possible results, we also used different types of social posts, including static social media posts and videos.

OKA Teppanyaki
March 11, 2019