The St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School offers comprehensive and progressive educational programs from Early Learning up to Year 7. It is the only Catholic primary school in the rural area around Humpty Doo and was established in 1997 to serve the rapidly growing population of the Darwin rural area.


The St Francis of Assisi school was interested in utilising social media to inform parents in their area about upcoming enrolment opportunities and the wide range of extracurricular programs they offer.


We decided to focus on the enrolments with a specialised campaign that utilised the Facebook carousel post format to showcase the benefits of the school alongside a simple call-to-action. The paid advertisements were supported by a tailored set of static social media posts to highlight certain points of difference and provide parents with a wholesome overview over the school, its philosophy, the school life and their specialty programs.

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School
January 15, 2019