Snappy Gum Consulting is an environmental consultancy based in Katherine. Based on their extensive knowledge of environmental regulations, the consultancy can help address environmental issues such as water pollution, air quality, and soil contamination.


To create a logo with the Territory in mind, drawing on the distinct flora and colours that are symbolic for the northern Australian region. Additional deliverables included a styleguide to go along with the logo design, business cards, a Microsoft Word report template and a website to showcase their services.

Our work

Upon researching the specifics of our NT flora and investigating the source of our client’s business name, we based the logo on the Eucalypt species Eucalyptus leucophloia – locally often called Snappy Gum. The logo is accompanied by the trees’ very characteristic gum nuts whilst its colour scheme was inspired by the variety of greens seen in Snappy Gum leaves.

Snappy Gum Consulting
March 5, 2020