Cam Interior is a local based furniture supplier which supplying high-quality products for office and home.


CAM Interior wants to launch a new TVC to promote several key values of company.  Firstly, the furniture is stylish and trendy, targeting middle-class families.  Secondly, the furniture has local stock, you may not need to wait for a long time for the shipment of stock.  Thirdly, it is affordable. Finally, the tagline or the core slogan need to be told – “the furniture you love to live with”.


We created a 30s story of a woman and men flirting by eyesight in CAM interior showroom.  Audiences are having an overview of CAM interior showroom through the story.  Then the hilarious ending is the heartfelt of the lady is all about the furniture instead of the man. That how we express the meaning of “furniture you LOVE to live with”

CAM interior
October 19, 2021